• After debuting on Netflix on Sept. 17, “Squid Game” is already the source for many Halloween costumes.
  • “Squid Game” is a popular thriller, where contestants compete in children’s games with fatal consequences.
  • With no officially licensed costume, tutorials abound online on how to DIY one.

Netflix’s “Squid Game,” a violent, dystopian, and hugely popular thriller, has already inspired countless Halloween costumes, with DIY tutorials abounding on the internet and costumes flooding Amazon.

In the South Korean survival drama, debt-laden contestants play children’s games in the hopes of winning an enormous cash prize, but face lethal consequences if they lose. The show features a handful of simple, recognizable costumes that are easy to replicate, including the green, numbered jumpsuits contestants wear, the red jumpsuits worn by guards, and the black costume worn by a mysterious front man character who watches the murderous show from behind the scenes.

Hashtags related to “Squid Game” Halloween costumes already have nearly a million views on TikTok, where users create tutorials on how to assemble the outfits for cheap.

One Tik Tok user utilized anti-fog goggles, white tape, and a red suit from “Money Heist,” another popular foreign language drama on Netflix, to create their costume.

Amazon is also filled with listings for numbered tracksuits, red jumpsuits, and black masks, which each item typically clocking in at around $20 to $30.

Fans of “Squid Game” can also grab any greenish-blue tracksuit and iron on their favorite character’s player number or wear a yellow shirt under a red dress with knee-high socks to play the show’s creepy robot doll, who initiates the fatal red light, green light game.

Though Netflix hasn’t released any official costumes, the “Squid Game” official merch store includes green and white T-shirts customizable with the number of your favorite player and hoodies customizable with the guards’ ranks (either squares, triangles, or circles).

“Accept the invitation at your own risk,” the website said. “If you’re like us and love ‘Squid Game,’ you’ve come to the right place – and the stakes aren’t as high.”

In addition, the white slip-on Vans that look similar to the sneakers worn by contestants in the TV show have seen a 7,800% surge in sales, Variety reports, and the term “white slip-ons” saw a 97% increase in search volume.

Netflix’s online store also includes merchandise for other Netflix hits, like Lupin, Sex Education, and The Witcher.

Netflix predicts “Squid Game” will become one of the streaming service’s most popular TV series of all time, and the show has already surpassed “Bridgerton” in online audience engagement. The show has also impressed critics, and it boasts a 95% Rotten Tomatoes score.

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