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Woohoo eCommerce powered by Woohoo AR & Woohoo AI is an AI, AR & face software company on a mission to build the most immersive augmented reality platform.


Our Face AR and Video Editor SDKs are a simple, powerful and affordable way for developers to create AR apps that inspire people to communicate. Woohoo eCommerce was established as an AI lab creating the next-gen technology for the camera. Augmented reality, machine learning, computer vision are our thing. And it all starts with the face.

We wrapped our technology into a solid AR development platform and made it accessible to everyone — developers, brands and users — so it could find its way to apps on millions of devices. Woohoo eCommerce is operated by Roche Fintech Ireland.


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Augmented Reality & Graphic designers must be highly skilled in order to create selling environments that are functional, cost effective while enhancing customer engagement .

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