Augmented Reality

The optimal product visualization method that provides your customers with
detailed information and improves buying confidence.

Increase engagement
and interaction
Enrich shopping
Embody innovative and
forward-thinking image
Reduce product returns

From Web to AR


Bridge the gap between in-store and online shopping. Let your customers try out and experience products directly from your website.

  • Available in all our 3D viewers
    No app requirements
    Available for both Android and iOS

Virtual Try-On

Let your customers try on products directly from your website. Get in touch and add virtual try-on to your products!

  • Requires Apple’s ARKit and True Depth features
    Available on the iPhone X and later.

White label Augmented Reality app

Launch your own state of the art AR app for your brand! Specific to your identity and your products!

  • Cutting-edge AR technology
    Product variants support
    Multiple products in AR
    Brand specific colours and theme
    Shopify Checkout
    Android & iOS

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Augmented Reality (AR)?

Augmented reality is a technology that allows you to view virtual objects or 3D models in your surroundings.


What are the main benefits of AR?

Augmented Reality is the perfect way to provide customers with accurate information regarding product size, details and overall presence in your surroundings. This additional information, also, has a direct impact on product returns as customers are able to confirm the products fit before purchase.


How will its use affect my brand?

The use of AR displays innovative and forward-thinking image and is found to positively affect the perceived value of products and brands.


Why is AR used in online retail?

With the use of AR, online retails can bridge its gap between online and in-storing shopping by reducing customers’ need to rely on vague mental images and guesswork as to their source of information. Instead, they can try out the product in their surroundings before making their purchase decision.